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HRSA Confirms that FFM Training is good for all FFM and State/Fed Partnership Marketplaces

posted Nov 20, 2014, 10:46 AM by David Stewart
I had an in depth conversation with a woman from HRSA Region III office about RAEN and some of the cross-border issues we experience here. This was follow up from an "Office Hours" webinar. She confirmed that a Navigator or CAC who completes the training for the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) (through the Medicare Learning Network (MLN)) can provide assistance to consumers from any FFM or Federal State Partnership Marketplace. In our region this applies to PA and WV. So, our PA and WV assisters can cross those borders to provide assistance to consumers from either state. The fly in the ointment is MD. Currently, MD assisters cannot provide assistance to consumers outside of MD and assisters from outside of MD can't provide assistance to MD consumers. She did indicate that MD is "re-thinking" some of its strategies and may become more flexible next year.

How can this help our partners? Hyndman as a CAC Organization for PA (which is federally facilitated) can certify volunteer CAC's. Those volunteers could be employees of MLMC. Then, MLMC assisters could assist consumers across all their borders. At this time the reverse in not true, MLMC or TSCHC cannot certify HAHC assisters.

Again, the MD assisters will have to take the online MLM training. But, it is possible.